Divorce Care


I just wanted to tell you all about Divorce Care. I found it was offered through my church. It’s an awesome class. There’s a workbook, daily emails for a year, videos to watch that coincide with each section of the workbook and there’s also a devotional. It’s really helped me sort through my feelings and emotions and it’s nice to fellowship with other Christian men and women who are going through the exact same thing. Plus, everyone prays for each other. You go over topics such as depression, anger and loneliness. God always puts things in our lives like this to help us get through a difficult time. They also have tools and stuff to do with your children to help them through the divorce.

I most definitely recommend going to this class. It’s for people who are separated too.

Better After A Breather

So, I took a short break from blogging. Only because I didn’t want to focus too much on the divorce. I can actually say the word now and not feel like I’m going to choke on the word.

The divorce is almost final and I’m feeling less guilty about it now. Whereas I admit my faults in the marriage, the divorce is ultimately on him. But, I do feel like I have a brand new beginning.

I’ve got some really exciting things in the works that I will write more about once they are more permanent.

First things first though, I’ve been sick for two weeks. The first doctor I went to diagnosed me wrong. The second one (a week later) got it right. So now I have the right medications.

I’m in a new territory now. I feel sort of like I want to date, but at the same time I don’t. I want to be selfish and do what I want without worrying about what a man might think or want. It’s me time. What can I say?! 😉

It’s going to be interesting navigating these new waters.

With A Broken Wing, She Carries Her Dreams, Man You Outta See Her Fly

Oh how true those words are sung!  I may be temporarily down, but I’m learning to fly!  🙂

My attorney and I traded e-mails back and forth a few days ago.  I was originally going to mess with my was-band and file a motion for counseling, just to make him mad.  But, in the long run, I decided that I’m ready to close his chapter.  I’m ready for him to see that I know my worth now and I’m worth more than what he has given me.  He is the reason this has happened.  I know who I am and what kind of person I am.  And, now, I know who he really is.  So, my new and filed answer is that ex-hubs gets nothing, pays my attorney’s fees (since he’s the reason I had to hire an attorney) and gives me a divorce before the year is over.  If I could afford to have my name changed, I would.  Oh and this is my answer AFTER he (ex-hubs) had our court date set for next year, on what would have been our 2nd wedding anniversary, in MAY.  No, just no.  I’m sorry, honey bunches, but paper was the gift for our first wedding anniversary.  I don’t plan on giving him the satisfaction of being married to me any longer than possible.  He’s drained enough out of me.  No more.

New Start

I deleted all of my entries because I didn’t want my soon to be ex-husband to try to use them against me in court.

Besides, the anger is out. I’m praying for God to give me the strength to forgive them both. And I’m pretty much used to being on my own again. I’m going to be okay.

I spoke with my attorney a few days ago, and we’re going forward with responding to the papers ex-hubs filed. I want to speed it up. I’m ready for this chapter to be closed and done.

I guess you can say that I realized my self-worth. I still have bad days, but I’m confident that I’ll be just fine. The Joy Luck Club is an awesome movie to watch. It made me think about learning to forgive myself, love myself and allow myself to let go of a man that didn’t see my worth.

Many blessings,